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About the movie

Killer Klowns From Outer Space is a 1988 sci-fi horror-comedy film made by the Chiodo Bros. and starring Grant Cramer, Suzanne Snyder, John Allen Nelson and John Vernon, about the invasion of a small town by murderous alien creatures who strangely resemble circus clowns.

A 3D-rendered sequel is possibly between development and production and is confirmed for release after 20133. It is called Return of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space in 3D making it a sequel while also being somewhat of a remake. Grant Cramer will return as Mike Tobacco in the film.

The film has gained moderately positive reviews from critics and has earned a 75% rating on the film review website Rotten Tomatoes. The special effects, visual design, and suspense of the film were praised while several critics have stated that the plot was simple, reminiscient of several monster movies between 1950s to present (often called B-movies) that on average receive mixed reviews.

The film is barely famous, yet it received a small fan base. Its' merchandising based on Halloween costumes, toys by company SOTA, and T-shirts began coming out around 2000, much later than its' theatrical release.

Summary Plot

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Students Mike (Grant Cramer) and Debbie (Suzanne Synder), on their first date at "The Top of The World", a local "Make-Out" Point, are quite intensely conducting their own anatomical studies when they're distracted by what appears to be a falling star plummeting to Earth. Curious, Mike and Debbie investigate, and after driving to a spot a few miles outside of town, they discover... a weird, glowing circus tent?! Unknowingly, Mike and Debbie have stumbled upon the site of an incredible phenomenon; the "circus tent" is in fact the home of a strange alien breed - Killer Klowns from outer space. But these clowns are no laughing matter.

Plot Story

An army of sadistic alien forms who resemble clowns land their circus tent ship in the sleepy American town of Crescent Cove, (Watsonville/Santa Cruz, California). An old man, named Farmer Gene Green discovers the spaceship, but, while investigating, he and his dog, named Pooh Bear, are quickly executed by one of the alien Klowns named Jumbo. A young couple, Mike Tobacco and Debbie Stone Snyder, who are out for a romantic evening, encounter the Klowns' spaceship and goof around for a while until they enter a room with a few cotton candy cocoons and a few giant balloons. They find the old man's corpse in one of them, and barely escape capture. They are chased by the Klowns, while the remaining teenagers are quickly killed by the aliens. Mike and Debbie rush into town to warn Officer Hanson of the impending danger, while the Klowns follow them into town. The Klown Army harvests the unsuspecting population, blasting random victims with a ray gun that cocoons them with a cotton candy-like substance, with lethal results. The Klown Army uses a variety of seemingly innocent methods to ensnare their victims, such as killer shadow puppets, bloodhound-like balloon animals, and a ray gun that looks like a child's toy. Since the methods themselves appear whimsical, the townspeople don't realize they are in danger until it's too late.

One Klown invades a drug store, knocking over everything in sight, and then kills the clerk, while a group of Klowns pretend to deliver a pizza to a girl's house, and a small Klown jumps out of the box and kills her with his cotton candy ray gun. Another Klown in the park puts on a puppet show that lures a guy to his death, as, downtown the little Klown, Shorty, drives up on his tricycle into an alley full of biker thugs, and one of the bikers decides to pick on the little Klown by smashing his tricycle. Shorty gets mad and punches the thug's head clear off while the rest of the gang flees. Another Klown goes to "Big Top Burger" hut and tries to lure a little girl into its trap, but fails infuriating the Klown. A tall Klown (who has the ability to float on the highway) has a demolition derby with a guy on the road, resulting in the Klown ramming right into him and plowing him off the road over a ledge to his death.

The police keep getting calls from everyone in town about the Klowns, but the officer on duty, the abrasive Sergeant Mooney, just thinks the whole town is in on the prank. At the same time Jumbo plants popcorn, which can grow into clownish serpent-like creatures, that drag an employee to his doom. Finally, police Sergeant Mooney discovers the truth when Jumbo appears at the police station, taunting him with practical jokes until Mooney orders him into the jail cell, then hitting him on the head with his club. Jumbo gets angry and ambushes him, but Mooney thinks it's all an elaborate hoax until it is too late. Meanwhile, Mike and Officer Hanson drive to the spot where the spaceship had been, (it had moved to another spot), and discover evidence of Joe Lombardo's death, Mike and Hanson drive back to the town, when Officer Hanson sees a Klown use a Tyrannosaurus rex shadow puppet to capture a group of townspeople waiting for a bus, and is finally convinced of the danger. Mike and Debbie have also recruited the Terenzi brothers, a pair of local goof-offs who drive an ice cream truck. Hanson later arrives at the police station and discovers the dead bodies of the teenage prisoners, (that Mooney had arrested earlier), splattered to the wall with cotton candy. Hanson sees a strange multi-colored footprint that leads to the room where Hanson discovers Mooney dead and being used as a puppet by the Klown that slew him, Jumbo. A horrified Hanson shoots the Klown several times with no effect until he shoots the Klown's nose; at that point, the Klown dramatically spins around until it eventually explodes, becoming the first Klown to be killed by a human.

While the town is being ransacked, Debbie is attacked twice in her home, first by the popcorn serpants in her bathroom, then by the Klowns who come for her, and she is taken away by the Klowns in a yellow balloon to their "Big Top" circus tent-spaceship. There a police officer is killed by acid pies that melt his body (that the Klowns throw at him multiple times). Mike, Officer Hanson, and the Terenzi brothers pursue the Klowns, and go into the spaceship. The Terenzi brothers are captured by the female Klowns without the others noticing. They go to the same room they were in before, but  it is now filled with far more cotton candy cocoons and giant balloons than before. Suddenly, they saw a Klown, Chubby, coming in to eat. Hanson and Mike hide behind the cocoons without the Klown seing them. They discover why the Klown Army has been capturing people. By cocooning them inside their cotton candy, the Klowns gelatinize the humans' bodies into a liquid that is digestible. Vast numbers of victims (a majority of the town's population) are being stored aboard The Big Top. Chubby inserts a crazy straw into the cocoon holding the Mayor of the Crescent Cove, sucking out the deceased Mayor's gelatinized body.

Debbie is eventually freed, and she, Mike, and Dave are chased through the spaceship until they find a large room where the Klown Army stalk and surround them. Then the Terenzi brothers crash through the wall in their ice cream truck and use it's mascot, the clown head Jojo, to fool the Klowns into backing off. Suddenly, The giant klown monster, named JoJo, a 30 ft. tall leader of the Klown Army appears from the ceiling, cranking down like a stringed puppet, which makes the Klown army flee. Jojo destroys the ice cream truck, then tosses it away, where it explodes. Mike and Debbie escape to get help, leaving as a showdown between Hanson and Klownzilla ensues. While Mike and Debbie run for help, the spaceship starts to get ready to takeoff. Hanson repeatedly shoots at Jojo's nose, but keeps missing it. Suddenly, he runs out of bullets, and, he was about to refill the gun, Jojo grabbed him, brought Hanson to his face and stared at him. The spaceship starts taking off back to outer space. The police arrive, and Mike and Debbie run to them. They all watch the spaceship leaving Earth. Just as Jojo is about to eat Hanson, the human defeated him by using his police badge to stab the Klown's nose, causing Jojo to drop him and dramatically spin around until he eventually explodes, blowing the entire spaceship to smithereens and spreading fireworks in the sky. Mike and Debbie are upset, thinking the Hansen has been killed in the explosion. The Klown Kar then fell from the ship and crashed to the ground, in front of the cops. The Kar door begins to open, and, fearing Klowns may be inside, the cops get ready to shoot. They then see Hanson coming out of the car. Mike and Debbie are happy to see him alive. Despite everything, the Terenzi brothers survive with only minor injuries, in a shower of confetti, they think it’s all over. Then non-acid pies fall down on their faces.


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